Woman getting her legs waxed

Get long lasting hair removal with waxing

You'll get time off from shaving and tweezing when you get waxing services from Mary-Irma Beauty Salon & Spa.




Don't deal with embarrassing body or facial hair again

If you have body or facial hair that you want removed, we can do it for you with our waxing services. You won't have to be self conscious any longer.

Woman having her leg waxed

Enjoy smooth skin for weeks longer than shaving

Shaving every day can become a nuisance, so we offer waxing options to give you a break from using your razor.

  • Eyebrow
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Bikini
  • Arms
  • Half and full legs
  • Armpits
Woman getting her legs waxed

To schedule an appointment for waxing, contact us today.


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